Teeth play an essential role in our well-being. With age or due to some other factors, one might lose a tooth or multiple teeth. A tooth may be reparable with a dental crown or bridge if the tooth needs replacing. This usually means that the tooth no longer has enough natural tooth structure for a crown to fix to, therefore will need to be extracted and replaced. It is essential to have an understanding of its working to help you make an informed decision about the same.

How does a dental crown differ from a bridge?

A dental crown is a cap-shaped structure that is bonded to the visible teeth’ surface. This is done for damaged, stained or chipped teeth. A crown enables the restoration of the functioning and aesthetic of the teeth. Whereas, the bridge is a fixed dental appliance which is placed on the remaining natural teeth from both ends. The natural teeth provide support to the dental bridge. It is used for replacing missing teeth. Crowns are present on both ends of the dental bridges that are bonded to the prepared healthy teeth. The missing tooth space is restored with tooth-coloured pontics. This means that dental crowns restore the aesthetics and functioning of teeth. On the other hand, dental bridges are for replacing missing teeth.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of dental crowns?

The dental crown and bridges are similar in nature. Both are bonded to the natural teeth but they work differently. Dental crowns tend to be more tooth conservative. They are a lesser expensive option. Various materials can be used for dental crowns. However, dental crowns aren’t an option for tooth replacement.

How long do the dental crowns and bridges last?

Life of the dental crowns and bridges is dependent on various factors. These factors include the material used, the status of the underlying teeth and the skills of the surgeon. When all these factors have been taken into consideration when restoring or replacing the teeth, they can serve you for about 20 years.

How are dental crowns and implants different from each other?

A dental crown is a restoration which makes use of a cap-shaped device which reinforces or restores the aesthetics of the teeth. Whereas, dental implants are a screw-shaped device that is inserted into the jawbone. It is used for replacement roots for artificial teeth. As the implant is firmly embedded within the bone. For replacing the missing teeth, a suitable prosthesis is attached.

Can they help to restore the smile?

Missing and stained teeth can impact our simile. Opting for a dental crown can mask the stained teeth and restore the chipped and cracked teeth. If you have missing teeth, a dental bridge is a great option. They work by replacing the teeth. Both these methods can help you restore the beautiful smile which you’ve lost due to your teeth. They are an excellent option for restoring the aesthetics of the teeth and smile.

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